What is Bochikun?

Material Start with 3 months. Try it when sleeping and in your normal life.
  • Bochikun does not hurt since it can be freely adjusted depending on the deformity of the big toe and the size of the foot.
    We have used the high-grade material for the fabric material.
    We have achieved a thickness of just 0.5 mm using high-grade material woven in special textile factories just for Bochikun with the emphasis on comfort of fit.
    The material stretches lengthwise and crosswise for a perfect fit and is comfortable even in summer or when sleeping.
  • While using Bochikun, you can wear whichever shoes you like.
  • Because it does not interfere with movement, it is also very popular with athletes.
  • Bochikun is a patented, Japanese-made supporter.
  • It has also been used by doctors in orthopedic hospitals and clinics and has been very well received.

Special features of Bochikun

  • When both abductor muscles are extended, shoes and socks put pressure on the tips of the toes for a long period, the strength of the muscles is weakened, and toes do not return to the normal position.
  • The supporter itself encloses the abductor hallucis muscle and the abductor digiti minimi muscle, applies pressure from either side, stimulates both abductor muscles, and, in particular, makes it easier to return medially a big toe that has twisted laterally.

Wearing By pulling the big toe “medially,” the supporter has been designed to also return the other four toes to the straight position and ease the burden on joints in the lower body. Since it can be freely adjusted depending on the deformity of the big toe and the size and the condition of the foot, continuous use will accustom you to a well-balanced walking gait that places little burden on the knees and lower back.


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